Nunu “Plays The Game” @ Premier Vision Barcelona

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Barcelona, “The city of Gaudi”, as they quite rightly say. His work has inspired many Designers and Artists all around the world, and what better city could be chosen to host the most prestigious Denim Show for fashion business professionals from all over the world.

After visiting Denim by Premier Vision for the very first time, I was pleasantly surprised at how much thought and design goes into these shows. The theme of “Play the Game”, which ran through the entire show was a mixture of good and evil which was highlighted through every denim supplier present. You had the bright pastel colours right through to the ripped distressed styled denim wear, the current most popular trend. Looking closely at the washes and seeing how much planning and processing goes through each development was fascinating. The style of vintage is exceeding its limits now, with warm colours and entertaining expertise in patchwork and rips.

Autumn/ Winter 2015/16 is concentrating on the high rollers of fashion with tweedy effects, blanket aspects, dishevelled looks, wool blends, softened leathers and sheepskins. As well as this the printed, burnt-out corduroys with matt buttons are striving through to hit the streets. An industrial look, with an edge of sophistication and confidence is shining through these new styles. Quilted chords with raised seams in clean blues (almost unwashed) look fantastic; with the warmth and the expert style for a sleek and expert look. These are all gearing towards the vintage look that has been running for the past year now. Vintage has come in and raised the roof; not only with vintage shorts from Levi’s and distressed fashion from All Saints, but now every high street brand is craving for old gold.


The Oxford English Dictionary defines patchwork as “needlework in which small pieces of cloth in different designs, colours or textures are sewn together.” This metaphorically describes the fashion of the Provocateur. The one who ‘plays with pretence’, and the clothing almost looks reversed with two faces and washed with spare parts kept as original giving it a vintage look. The beauty of denim products lay in the way the fabrics are taken care of. There are certain over dyes I saw, ombre colours and diffused effects. The more mechanical washes tended to have a greased coating, stains and blackened metal coatings. Some washes even had a metallic reflection with sequinned and diamanté coatings aimed more towards the lively one with a statement to make.

Perfection is at its finest, seeing this show has opened the limitations of the denim world. There is no holding back with what denim is able to offer, and the creations are undoubtedly endless.