“Laser Love”

  admin   Aug 12, 2014   Blog   0 Comment

The new age of laser is amongst us. Have you ever imagined your face on fashion; well imagine no more because it’s most definitely a reality! A recent trip to the South of Asia has shown us a new light into the future. Technology has really exceeded its limits with this new machinery. This new equipment takes any picture and prints it onto denim (as well as other materials). The beauty of this machine is not only its efficiency but its precision and quality. Gone are the days of boring painted canvases or painted designs, it’s all about laser on denim.

The use of laser on denim has mostly been found in high end fashion in the last two to three years. Its dramatic effect not only produces high-contrast colours but it also develops a photo-perfect finish. The quality is that of 3-D technology, making life of any picture on your garment. Denim is now taking a positive step into the futuristic world of fashion; resulting in, by far the most acute turn made by the denim industry.

Looking back at the 1980s and 1990s, fashion was nothing even close to subtle; we had big bold prints being the most popular trend. Now with laser being introduced, we are able to produce new fashion with new age technology, but also maintain the vintage craze with the big bold colours and prints. This touches on old fashion which has become increasingly trendy again. The famous “Mom Jeans” are back in fashion and with new laser prints this will take us right back to the colourful 1960s where anything goes.

In the world of fashion, this is definitely an exciting time for the development of the denim industry, and here at NxN Designs we are extremely excited to explore and produce new, upcoming trends with laser prints.

Watch out for our new creations coming to store near you very soon!